2015 was a great year at Gateway Church! We know it’s because of God, but it’s also because of your serving, your giving, and your praying that lives have been changed, not just at Gateway but also around the world. Because of you, thousands of people accepted Christ this year at Gateway. Because of you, thousands more experienced healing from past hurts and wounds as well as freedom from bondages and addictions.

I’ve had so many people come up to me and say, “I have been a Christian for years, but because of what God’s done in my life through Gateway, I have fallen in love with the Lord again. My whole life has been changed!” I also had someone tell me recently, “I came to Gateway right after a tragedy, and if it weren’t for the people at Gateway, I don’t think that I would have made it.”

I just want to say thank you! Thank you for the love and support that you give to people every day. People’s lives are being changed every day at our church, and it’s all because of God and you! Because of the way you go beyond yourself to love people, care for people, and reach out to people.

Just this week, I was reading in the Scripture about when God sent Elijah, His prophet, to a widow who would provide for him during a drought. When he arrived, the widow only had a handful of flour and a little oil left—enough for one meal for herself and her son. “And Elijah said to her, ‘Do not fear; go and do as you have said, but make me a small cake from it first, and bring it to me; and afterward make some for yourself and your son. For thus says the Lord God of Israel: “The bin of flour shall not be used up, nor shall the jar of oil run dry, until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.”’ So she went away and did according to the word of Elijah; and she and he and her household ate for many days. The bin of flour was not used up, nor did the jar of oil run dry, according to the word of the Lord which He spoke by Elijah” (1 Kings 17:13–16).

Think about that: for the rest of the drought, her bin of flour and jar of oil did not run dry. It’s because the Lord had spoken and because she gave to God. Now, there are many, many times when we feel just like that widow. We think that what we have is a very small amount. But when we give that small amount to God—our serving, our giving, our praying—God also provides for us, even in a drought. And that’s exactly what I see has happened here at Gateway Church time and time again. As we continue to be a blessing to other people, God, in the midst of it, provides for all of us.

Some of us go through difficult times where we only have very little, and yet we’re still a blessing to others. You are a blessing! And I’m so grateful, and I’m so thankful for that. I want to encourage you with this: at Gateway Church, I feel like we’ve moved past praying, “God, bless me,” to praying, “God, help me to be a blessing to someone else.” And I want to say as your pastor, thank you, and I am very, very proud of you!

2016 is also going to be a great year! We are going to move forward and reach more people. We are going to continue to passionately pursue the Lord and pursue helping every person that God brings to us. Thank you so much for all you do for the Lord and for the church. I love you, and I am grateful to be your pastor.


Pastor Robert
Founding Senior Pastor
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Weekend Attendance for Special Events

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$20767839 Given Toward Outreach

Jewish Ministries

Average Attendance of Monthly Messianic Services Reached 838 a 28% Increase from 2014

2015 Ministry

play-button Russell's Testimony
play-button Webber's Testimony
Bless! Gateway Global
Jewish Ministries: 30+ Equip Classes Offered at 4 Campuses
Local Outreach: 17 Local Outreach Events with 1,600 Volunteers Impacting 76,000+ People
National Outreach: 4 Trips
International Outreach: 36 Trips to 20 Countries Taken by 542 People
The Blessed Life TV
The Blessed Life Aired on 600+ Stations in 40+ Countries
Launched 7 Gateway Affiliate Churches and Ministered to 550+ Leaders
Create Publishing
Released Walls CD and DVD — First #1 Christian Chart Debut for a Gateway Worship Album
Frisco Campus
Overall Growth from Last Year
Gateway Bookstore
75,000+ Purchases
of Life-Changing Messages, Books, and Bibles Across Campuses
Gateway Café
Contributed $14,500 in Tips to Benevolence
Gateway Conference
Attendees with 55 Countries and 42 States Represented
Gateway Equip
Offered 476 Classes Across 4 Campuses
Gateway Groups
14,641 People Participated in Groups (34% Increase)
Gateway Worship
450 Students Joined the New Worship Team Academy, Offering Classes in Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Piano
Gateway Worship Production
54,950 Attended Performing Arts Shows Godspell and Truthical
Grand Prairie Campus
Completed and Launched Our New Amazing Kids’ Area
28% Growth, Averaging 4,000+ Attendees; Expanded to Frisco and North Fort Worth Campuses
Member Services
Attended Catch the Vision at All Campuses
North Fort Worth Campus
Volunteers Served
NRH Campus
Trained 86 New Group Leaders
School of Tech Arts
Students Attended
Serve (Volunteer)
Volunteers Served Across All Campuses
People Engaged in Devotional Videos
Technology Services
The King’s University at Gateway
Students Enrolled for Fall
Spiritual Growth
Altar Ministry
Needs Prayed For
Compassion Ministry
People Received Assistance
Freedom & KAIROS
Attended KAIROS from 362 Churches and Multiple Countries
Prayer & Intercession
12,739 Prayer Requests from 54 Countries and All 50 States
Prophetic Ministry
People Received Prophetic Ministry
Relational Care
7,742 People Received Ministry Through Life Events
101 Car Donations; 343 Financial Stewardship Classes Hosted
Amazing Kids | Mix56
First International Wacky Week for Preschoolers in Puerto Rico
Gateway Students
3,899 Attended Gateway Student Conference, with 71 Churches from 19 States
Marriage & Family
Attended Marriage & Family Classes, Seminars, and Special Events
Attended Men’s Summit and Two Men’s Nights
Average Attendance of 85 Singles at Weekly Saturday Night Life Event
Single Parent Families
419 Students Received School Supplies and 881 Children Received Christmas Gifts
Women (Pink)
9,500 Women Attended 4 Pink Impact Conferences Across 3 Campuses
Young Adults (Seven)
29 Homes Served by 175 Volunteers at 1st Annual Community Outreach Event
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    Unique Visitors
  • 3,526,078
    Unique Visits
  • 12,609,303
    Page Views
  • 182
Conference Websites
(Gateway Conference, Pink Impact, Men’s Summit, Gateway Students Conference, First Conference)
  • 183,732
  • 667,871
    Page Views
  • 175
Gateway Live
  • 448,500
    Total Viewers
  • 8,588
    Average Weekly Views
  • 19,257 Ustream Viewers on Sunday and 5,374 Viewers on Saturday
YOUTUBE (gatewaychurchtv)
  • 32,215,465
  • 2,826,489
    Total Views
  • 19,961
    Subscribers Added
  • 31,761
    Shared Links
MyGateway App
  • 28,750
    App Installs
  • 48
Gateway Conference App
  • 3,523
    App Installs
  • 77
Social Media
  • 6,500,613
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Albums Sold


Gateway Worship Songs Purchased


  • Walls CD and DVD
    Gateway Worship
  • The Blessed Life
    Gateway Devotions


  • Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them
    Tom and Jan Lane
  • The Blessed Life
    by Gateway Devotions
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2014/2015 Total Giving

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Heart for the Kingdom 2016 Initiatives

Dallas Campus Updates

We purchased our Dallas Campus in December 2015, and we’re so excited to hold our first services on March 5–6! To get ready for the launch, we’ve already made several updates. The building was beautiful to begin with, but it needed a few additions. To start, we renovated the children’s area to match the Amazing Kids theme at our other campuses. But there’s still more to do! We’re going to build a café and a bookstore, purchase technical equipment to make communication among the campuses possible, and more modifications to enhance the campus.

Frisco Campus Expansion

If you’ve ever been to the Frisco Campus, you know we’re bursting at the seams. At our 10:45 am Sunday service, we literally have a second congregation in overflow in the Lobby. To relieve our overcrowding, we’re building a brand new auditorium that will seat 1,000 to 1,200 people, and we’re adding more classrooms. Of course, with a bigger auditorium and more classrooms, we’re adding more parking spaces too! We also plan to relocate our Gateway Frisco staff offices to the expanded campus.

New Campus in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has always been one of the areas we’ve felt God has called us to reach in the Metroplex, and when our North Fort Worth Campus opened, we realized just how much. When we had our first services at the current campus in 2013, over 5,000 people attended! We knew then that we’d be planning another campus in the area. Now, with an average weekly attendance of 6,395, we’re ready to reach even more people in Fort Worth. We’re currently pursuing properties west of our current North Fort Worth Campus.

2016 Ministry Goals

Bless! Gateway Global
Jewish Ministries: Move Our Messianic Services to the Southlake Campus and Expand Jewish Equip Classes to All Campuses
Local Outreach: Develop Campus-Specific Outreach Efforts
National Outreach: Host 4 Domestic Trips (Arizona, Missouri, California, and Massachusetts)
International Outreach: Mobilize 1.200 Church Members to Go On a Ministry Trip
The Blessed Life TV
Expand Our Global Reach
Launch 25 Gateway-Affiliate Churches
Create Publishing
Record First Gateway Generate Full-Length Studio Album
Frisco Campus
Connect More than Half of Our Congregants Through Gateway Groups
Gateway Bookstore
Open New Stores on the Grand Prairie and Dallas Campuses
Gateway Café
Participate in Outreach Through Serving Drinks and Meals to Our Guests and Communities
Gateway Conference
Expand Global Reach and Streaming Audience
Gateway Equip
Invest in Children’s Lives Through Kids’ Equip
Gateway Groups
Begin Evangelism Groups
Gateway Worship
Expand Worship Team Academy to the Grand Prairie and North Fort Worth Campuses
Gateway Worship Production
Launch Creative Classes, Offering Skill Development in Film, Art, Songwriting, Textile Design, Programming, and Photography
Grand Prairie Campus
Re-launch Our Campus with a Remodeled Building and Expand Ministry
Expand to Grand Prairie and Dallas Campuses
Member Services
Expand Catch the Vision Classes Across Each Campus
North Fort Worth Campus
Offer Catch the Vision and Freedom Basics in Spanish, and Train Spanish-Speaking Altar Ministers
NRH Campus
Remodel and Upgrade NRH Campus
School of Tech Arts
Offer Professional Training Online
Introduce a Spiritual Formation Tool that Includes a Discipleship Survey and Learning Path for Spiritual Growth
Technology Services
Release Check-In App for Kids and Adults
The King’s University at Gateway
Increase Enrollment by 25%
Serve (Volunteer)
Introduce ID Seminar Simulcast for Gateway Campuses and Connect Churches to Develop Volunteers
Spiritual Growth
Altar Ministry
Recruit New Altar Captains and Altar Ministers from Current Volunteers
Compassion Ministry
Enhance Network of Resources Available Through Partnering with Other Churches, Nonprofits, and Ministries
Freedom & KAIROS
Re-launch Updated KAIROS II
Prayer & Intercession
Integrate Prayer, Worship, and Prophetic Ministry Into the Life of Gateway
Prophetic Ministry
Mobilize Prophetic Teams at All Campuses
Relational Care
Launch Cancer Support Ministry
Train 10,000 Attendees Through Classes
Amazing Kids | Mix56
Initiate Campus-Driven Children’s Special Events
Gateway Students
Launch Gateway Groups in the Student Community
Marriage & Family
Expand Classes at Extension Campuses and Develop Material for Personal Enrichment and Empowerment
Launch Men’s Brigade Across All Campuses to Serve More Single Moms and Widows Through Home Projects
Offer More Local Outreach Serving Opportunities for Singles
Single Parent Families
Launch Generation Outdoors, Designed to Minister to Fatherless Children in Single-Parent Homes
Women (Pink)
Maximize the Reach and Effectiveness at Every Campus Through Groups, Leadership Training, and Corporate Gatherings
Young Adults (Seven)
Launch Young Adults at the Dallas Campus